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Birding in the Voyageurs National Park Area


The Rainy Lake and Voyageurs National Park area provide excellent opportunities for birders. Our widely varied habitat is within the flyways for hundreds of species of migrating birds. There are well adapted species that winter here as well. Minnesota bird watchers will have ample opportunity to spot and identify various birds as well as other wildlife. Hiking a remote trail in the Park, or making a slow scenic tour down a forestry road easily provides access to excellent bird watching areas in Minnesota.

Important Birding Area

Just about the entire Arrowhead region of Minnesota has been identified as an Important Birding Area by the Audubon Society, meaning there is significant habitat for breeding, migrating and wintering birds. All of Voyageurs National Park is included in the Important Birding Area. Breeding bald eagles have been studied within the National Park for decades. The studies have helped track the recovery of our national symbol. Large Raptors like Snowy Owls or Goshawks are often seen in winter, perched atop a tall tree patiently scanning for prey.

Birding Guide Book

Special Programs for Bird Watchers

National Park Rangers sometimes offer special programs that are fun for the whole family. They might explain eagle studies conducted in the park, or discuss the nesting behavior of resident waterfowl. In the past, they have led bird watching expeditions, and birders have helped provide birding counts to aid research.

Minnesota’s Iconic Loon

Minnesota is often associated with the common loon, a species that both migrates through, and nests in Voyageurs National Park. You can hear the sometimes mournful sound of loons calling most any evening in our area. Nesting loons are somewhat secretive, but it is possible to catch a few good photos of loons carrying their chicks on their backs. There are many more interesting species that nest here or migrate through the area.

Voyageurs Birding Information


Several booklets have been prepared with check lists for birds and also to show likely locations to scout. Our International Falls, Rainy Lake and Ranier area tourism bureau can provide those publications. Just stop by our offices at 301 2nd Avenue in International Falls, MN 56649 or request a copy through the mail. Write to us at that address, or email to or call (800) 325-5766 during regular business hours.




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