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Spring into a Great Vacation!


Spring brings new life to Borderland as hardwoods sprout leaves in every shade of green, rivers and streams swell and waterfalls and rapids thunder. Spring also brings some great recreation opportunities and some you can only experience here!

Sturgeon and the Extended Walleye Season

Regulations on the border waters keep the walleye season open until April 15, allowing for some of the earliest season open water fishing in the state. As the Rainy River opens up, walleye are also making a run upstream from Lake of the Woods. The situation provides an excellent window of opportunity. There’s also the option of fishing for sturgeon. Sturgeon were almost fished out of the system, but have made a strong comeback. Most sturgeon fishing is catch-and-release only, but you are allowed to keep one of these huge pre-historic fish during a special tag season.

Fishing seasons for northern pike and smallmouth bass are open continuously on the border waters of Rainy Lake and Rainy River, so there are always great options for planning a spring fishing vacation.

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Migrating Birds are part of the Sights and Sounds of Spring

Bird Watching reaches a peak both in the spring and fall because our area has several eco-system types creating flyways for songbirds and waterfowl alike. Some of the first songbirds will start showing up in April and bird watching is best while the forest is still filling out with new green leaves.

Birding Information Birding Guide Book

Hike Around a Waterfall or Two

Spring runoff swells streams and rivers and raises lake levels. Spring is the best time to check out any of the nearby waterfalls or rapids. A dam constructed on the Rainy River in 1909 submerges the natural falls where the entire output of the Rainy Lake watershed thundered downstream toward Lake of the Woods. The Big Fork and Little Fork Rivers have accessible waterfalls and rapids you can hike all around and in some cases, snap some nice shots from observation decks. Stop in at the Convention and Visitors Bureau Offices while you are vacationing in the International Falls area and we can provide directions to the waterfalls and other points of interest.

Take a Hike


If you any questions about a visit to Voyageurs National Park during spring, contact our offices at or call (800) 325-5766 during regular business hours.




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