Rainy Lake waters – both in and out of Voyageurs National Park – offer unending boating opportunities. Expansive stretches of water and networks of bays, channels and islands invite exploration.

  • Rainy Lake is home to enchanting wilderness houseboat vacations and world-class angling.
  • 225,000 acres are yours to discover as you embark upon a voyage filled with great scenery, bird life and wildlife.
  • Maximize your vacation and spend twenty-four hours a day in Rainy Lake’s awesome wilderness setting.
  • A houseboat vacationer travels on his/her own schedule.

Experience all the comforts of home while you cruise in one of the most picturesque settings in the United States and Canada.

Wilderness Vacation

The International Falls, Ranier, Rainy Lake, Rainy River and Voyageurs National Park area is rated one of the best wilderness vacation destinations in North America. The area provides some of the best “up north” experiences – without the taxing travel time or traditional challenges of traveling to typical “far away” northern vacation destinations.

Northernaire Houseboats of Rainy Lake
Northernaire Houseboats will make your next vacation truly memorable. Rainy Lake is the largest lake in Voyageurs National Park. This 73-mile long body of clear fresh water holds countless tasty Walleyes, trophy Northern Pike, the fighting Smallmouth Bass and an excellent population of slab Crappies.

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Rainy Lake Houseboats
Your hosts the Dougherty family of Rainy Lake Houseboats say “Welcome Aboard” to a wonderful wilderness adventure. Our family has been providing guests with wonderful vacations since 1918 on famous Rainy Lake.

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Rainy Lake, International Falls and Ranier offer two public beaches. Resorts provide swimming opportunities also. Pets may be allowed by permission.
Open All Year. Pets Allowed. Handicapped Facility.
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