A Living History

The rich, extensive history of the Rainy Lake and Rainy River Region is evidenced by the numerous archaeological and natural history sites which dot the landscape.

For more than ten thousand years, people have traveled up and down these waterways, in pursuit of the elusive. Native Americans, the first residents of the area followed these waters for many reasons—from spiritual purposes to following food sources. The Voyageur, who pursued furs, and most specifically the beaver, was here for economic reasons. Prospectors searched for gold. Farmers searched out the rich fertile landscape of the river valley. Loggers and the large paper companies enjoyed the dense vast and seemingly endless forests. Whatever the reason for them being here, these peoples of our past formed the region as we see it today.

HERITAGE Visitor Sites
Koochiching Museums And Bronko Nagurski Annex
214 6th Ave., International Falls,
(218) 283-4316

Voyageurs National Park, (Rainy Lake Visitor Center)
11 miles east of International Falls on Hwy 11
(218) 286-5258

Fort Frances Museum
259 Scott St., Fort Frances, Ontario
(807) 274-7891

Kay-Nah-Chi-Wah-Nung Historical Centre
Shaw Road, Stratton, Ontario
(807) 483-1163

Gold Mine Sites Historic District, Rainy Lake.
Accessible by VNP boat tour – (218) 286-5258 or by boat – dock available.

Koochiching County Courthouse, International Falls

Saints Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church, Bramble (Rauch)

Little American Mine
Little American Island, Rainy Lake.
Accessible by VNP boat tour – (218) 286-5258

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